How it Works

1. Discover Yourself

Everything begins with a simple behavioral assessment. Answer a few tough questions that reveal some obvious and not so obvious preferences you have.

Discover some things about yourself – like how you process information, how you see those around you and how you prefer to communicate. And most importantly, how to improve they way you work with those around you.

2. Understand Others

Understanding yourself is great, but understanding each other is even better. Install the TeamTools Integration for Outlook or G Suite to have communication advice always on hand.


See at a glance your differences in communication, pulled up right in your email.


Understand your team better with reports on how they approach problems or react to information.


Prepare for a meeting or nail your next presentation based on our predictions, available right in your calendar.

3. Drive Continued Performance

We’ll recommend a training plan for your team, based on your group profiles. Manage your lessons and track your results all in one place.

Includes hundreds of hours of lessons and workshops from the world-class TeamTools catalogue of courses.

Invest in Teamwork

Try TeamTools in your organization and start seeing results.

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