How to fold a TeamTools Crane

The TeamTools Crane is a representation of the results of your TeamTools DISC assessment. The DISC values are calculated and then converted to colors. The proportion of those color values are then made into a PDF document that you download and print.

1. Print

2. Cut

3. Fold

Step 1: Download and print out your bird on a color printer

If you don’t have one yet, you can use this one to practice:

Download Sample TeamTools Crane

[PDF] Tom Jones – Chancellor – DIC

Step 2: Cut a square out along the guidelines

Step 3: Fold the origami crane using the instructions below

Step 4: Show your colors!

Display your bird for all to see! Let others know your personality at a glance.

Step-by-Step Folding Instructions

1. Fold the paper in Half. Fold the paper in half two times so you have two perpedicular folds.
2. Fold Diagonally One way. Grab the corners and fold diagonally with the color on the outside of the fold.
3. Fold Diagonally The other way. Grab the corners and fold diagonally with the color on the outside of the fold. Then open up the fold.
4. Put Head in right hand. Find the head label and flip it so that it's in your right hand. Then perform the only backward fold with the color on the inside.
5. Collapse into Square. Start with the piece of paper in "diamond" orientation. Then place your middle fingers under each of the left and right folds and pinch the sides so they collapse into a smaller diamond shape.
6. Kite Folds. Grab the right side first and fold it so that it lines up with the middle crease. Then do the same for the other side. Then fold the top down over the kite folds and crease.
7. Kite Folds on the other side. Now unfold the previous kite folds and flip over. Then do the same kite folds on the other side.
8. Boat fold 1. Rotate the bird 90 degrees and place your two fingers on the top crease. Now reach into the fold on the right and open it up against that fold. As you're opening that fold it kind of looks like a canoe for a bit that's why i call it a boat fold. Now flatten that boat, getting the tips looking nice is pretty important here.
9. Boat fold 2. Now flip the bird over and perform the same action exactly. Two fingers to hold the crease then open the boat by reaching in the fold on the right.
10. Skinny kite folds. Rotate the bird vertically then make sure the legs that are seperated are at the bottom (important). Seperate and fold one layer to the middle crease. Then do it for the other side as well.
11. Other side skinny kite folds. Flip the bird over and perform the same smaller kite folds. Getting the tips precise if helpful here.
12. Unfold. Pickup the skinny diamond you have and close the two sides like two books that are attached together. Then flatten the points down the middle.
13. Fold up tips. Fold up the skinny tips as far as they will fold. Then flip over and do the same on the other side.
14. Fold up tips. Pick up the bird and close the two sides like you did in step 12. Spend a little time on the tips getting them flat.
15. Fold down wings. Fold the wings down on each side as far as you can fold them down the wing.
16. Fold down head and tail. Grab the head and the body at the same time to the desired angle. Do the same for the tail.
17. Choose the head side. The head or the tail are not critical you can choose which side you'd like to be the head. Then fold down the tip in the middle.