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Mocaworks is a software company and business incubator located in Ridgefield, WA. Our products are used by businesses of all types to inform their employees, drive team performance, and make delightful customer experiences.

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Mocaworks started as a partnership in 1997 between Mike Hunter and Oca Hoeflin to use software to solve training problems. Together, they created one of the earliest learning management systems, still used today by several Fortune 500 companies. In the time since, they expanded their services to include software for collaboration, project management, training management, file sharing, and more.

Today, we continue to provide reliable and pioneering software services across a variety of clients and industries. A lot may have changed over 20 years, but the need for people to work together has not.

Our Values:

There is no success without people
Relationships matter
Effective > trendy


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